Do you surf the Web safely? Check any web page safety reputation:

Check websites safety

In these days many of the websites can contain software that is able to steal your passwords, bank accounts or even break your computer. So it is very important to be sure that web pages you visit are absolutely safe.

We get data from the leading safety data providers, so you can check any website here free of charge. Just put website's name to the form above and check the report.

Our service checks sites for:

  1. Phishing & Spyware
  2. Malware & Viruses
  3. Customer Complaints
  4. Child Safety

Add Safety badges to your website

As a website owner you can assure your visitors that your website and your internet business are 100% safe. You can reach your customers' confidence by installing our safety badge to your website.

Here you can find safety badges in various designs to choose one that fit your website most.

We also provide a link back to a report about your website safety and security that can add even more reliability to your website.

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